S.B.P. Vidya-Vihar is an integral part of one of the finest centers of learning in Bihar. It offers its students all the advantages of modern education system without distraction of modern life.
        The school was founded by BP charitable Trust in 2005 in the memory of renowned educationist and philanthropist Babu Brikodar Singh. The magnificence and the vision and far sightedness of Babuji had been a constant source of inspiration to his successor. Babu Brikodar Singh had established three pioneer educational institutions at Bank and Bhagalpur in Bihar and at Deoghar in Jharkhand which stand high with their exemplary results and Katihar which was often shunned by others due to natural threat of flood to this district. The dream cherished by Babu Brikodar Singh was deeply felt by his worthy daughter Mrs. Shobha Singh and its shape in the year 2005 as a tribute to her father. The dynamic leadership effort of the founder of S.S Vidya-Vihar, Dumka Mr. Ran Bijay Prasad Singh and dynamic trustworthy youngster Mr. Prashant Vikaram helped realize this utopia. The school that started in April 2005 with a handful of students today buzz with handsome number of students.