School Rules

Interview Hours:
1. With Principal: Monday to Friday (10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m)
2. With Teacher : Wednesday & Saturday (11:30 a.m. to 12.00 noon)
N.B.: If Parents /Guardians want to meet the Principal or the Teacher’s other than the aforementioned days, prior appointment with the Principal or prior permission from the principal has to be obtained.
Vacations: There are 3 major vacations during one academic year, viz., Summer Summer Vacation (May-June) | The Puja Vacation (Sept.-Oct. /Nov.) and (Dec.-Jan.)

  • Students who have been absent from the school for any length of time must have their reasons for their absence. Reasons of a private nature may by intimated by a latter. No leave of absence is given without a prior application in writing from the parent/Guardians.
  • No child is allowed to leave the school campus except on the strength of a written request from his parent/guardian and due authorization by the Principal.
  • No books, periodicals or newspapers of an objectionable and obscene nature shall be brought into the school. If a students is found having them, it shal lead to the expulsion of the student (s) from the school with no prior notice.
  • Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of own books and belongings.
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to see their ward(s) during school hours.
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to go into any class or walk through corridors, or go upstairs, without specific permission from the Principal, white the class is in progress.
  • Every pupil attending school is motivated to take part in all the school activities.
  • English shall be spoken at all time in the school premises among themselves.
  • Smoking and chewing a pan or pan –masala are strictly forbidden in the school premises.
  • Any damage done to the school property should be made good by the pupil concerned.
  • Possession of Identity Card by the students is imperative both within the school premises and as well as outside the school premises.
  • Irregular attendance, Unjustified and unexplained absence habitual late coming, disobedience or objectionable and arrogant behavior of any kind may result in the removal of a student from the school.
  • Adequate care is taken by the school for safety of the children in the school premises. But the school authorities shall not be held responsible for accidents and other eventualities which are beyond their control.
  • Students should arrive at the school before 08:00 a.m. the late comers will be asked to go back home at their own risk.